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BUSINESS TURNAROUND SERVICES                                                      Browne, Berlin & Gallo is not a law firm.

Troubled Business Consulting:
Are you a financially struggling business owner?

Browne, Berlin & Gallo provides turnaround consulting to clients experiencing adverse changes. If your business is traveling in rough seas for whatever reason, in most cases, we can provide a whole new perspective for you and a plan directed at significant improvement.

Creditor Claims Management:
Do you need assistance dealing with creditor claims?

Slow payment or none payment of company payables inevitably brings collection calls, withheld deliveries and threats of lawsuits. Employee morale declines and rumors abound. We interface with creditors for our client, develop a forbearance plan and reestablish the flow of creditor goods and services to our client. Followed by a tailored affordable payment schedule.

Debt Reduction & Restructuring:
Could your business benefit from lower debt and better terms?

Debt negotiation is the domain of the professional third party debt negotiator. Company principals generally fail in this process. We have years of experience interacting with creditors and negotiating debt reductions, restructuring payments and reestablishing vendor credit for our clients. Your business is dependent on supplier credit. Our role is to regain your vendor credit.

Bankruptcy Avoidance & Alternatives:
Do you need to find an alternative to a bankruptcy filing?

Bankruptcy is an anathema to the business owner and almost always results in the end of the business because Chapter 11 bankruptcy costs are out of reach for most business owners. Our role is to assist the business owners in successfully pursuing alternatives with the ultimate goal of the survival of the business enterprise.

Recovery and Rebuilding Strategies:
Do you know the strategies for rebuilding your company credit?

A turnaround plan usually results in significant changes in the business operation. Unprofitable segments are dropped, new or substantially revised processes are put in place. A vision of where the enterprise is going is adopted. Financial controls are in place and management is working as a team. Everyone has a stake in the success or failure of the recovering enterprise.

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